• Soldering service (2.54 mm)

The soldering service is for anybody that don't have any soldering iron and rosin core solder. We are going to make soldering for you. You just have to purchase the board (without headers) and headers and add this service to your cart. If you have special instructions, just add them on the comment section at checkout.

Please add one of the following items to your cart with proper quantity to solder to your board:

Please carefully read the following instructions before purchasing this product.


  • this apply only for soldering headers of 2.54 mm
  • a quantity of 1 means 40 pin soldered. Please specify a larger quantity if your board requires more pins (e.g. quantity 2 means 80 headers soldered).
  • we are performing soldering only on boards that we sell for the moment
  • we do not accept return on products that we have soldered (except if there is a board defect)
  • we do not accept cash payment for this item
  • the card and headers must be purchased separately
  • soldering if performed in Canada so your order will be shipped from Canada (and not France)

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Soldering service (2.54 mm)

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