• Odroid-C2 Rugged Case

We have designed this enclosure for customers looking for an affordable and rugged Odroid-C2 case. The default polycarbonate plastic case from Hardkernel is really light weight. This one has 3 mm thick ABS sides and 1.5 mm thick top and bottom. We have replaced the default M2 screws used on Hardkernel case by M3 screws so that it perfectly fits Odroid-C2 board holes. This is a high quality 3D print that gives us a lot of flexibility with colors. It's up to you to improve the default finish if you want. Thanks to the slicer, this rugged case is only 8 g heavier than Hardkernel plastic case!

This case is equipped with openings for the most common connectors such as RJ45, USB, microUSB, HDMI and DC jack. It is also equipped with extra slot on top, bottom, back to cool down the board CPU.

This case does not come with any microSD card slot as we think users won't remove it that often! We did not put any extra slot for GPIO and UART too as we think developer may prefer to do their testing and debugging directly on the board without enclosure. Latest release has extra slots so that IR can work properly and user can properly see status LEDs.

As shown on the image below, latest models are equipped with brass inserts.

Odroid-C2 Rugged Case details
Fig. 1 - Odroid-C2 Rugged Case


  • material: ABS
  • available colors: white, blue, yellow, lime, orange, black, silver

Part List

  • 1x Odroid-C2 case top
  • 1x Odroid-C2 case bottom
  • 4x M3x16 fastening screws


Weight 40 g

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Odroid-C2 Rugged Case

  • Diigiit Robotics
  • The Odroid-C2 Rugged Case is high quality and heavy-duty 3D printed enclosure.
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