About Us

Diigiit Robotics was founded in 2012 with the objective to be the best place online for robotics. Our have an office in Montreal, Canada as well as in Paris, France.

We have 3 online store to serve you in 3 different currencies (CAD, USD, EURO)

Please use the store corresponding to the country where you live. You will save on currency conversion. We collect sales taxes for customers inside Canada and Europe.

We are committed to provide you with a very pleasant experience; our ecommerce website use the secured and trusted Paypal payment method (we never have access to your credit card information, only Paypal does), we keep delivery time as short as possible (please see our Delivery Information section and our Return policy). Should you have any question, you can post a question on our forum or contact us.

Why you should purchase from Diigiit Robotics?

  • The number of product in stock is clearly indicated in our website.
  • We try to ship your order in less than 24 hours when we have stock enough stock in your region
  • We pay special attention to packaging; we make sure that your order won't be moving inside your package.
  • We try to adopt eco-friendly practices whenever possible like paperless invoices, provide reusable packaging, etc...

Still not convinced? See our testimonial page.

Enjoy your shopping with us!