The TinkerKit 10mm green LED is probably one of the simplest actuator available. It is really a must have if you want to buy other TinkerKit products. It will be very useful to test most circuits. It can be easily powered from an 40mA Arduino pin through the digitalWrite() and analogWrite() functions.


Other size and colors are available.

Since this is an actuator, its input connector must be connected to the output connector on the TinkerKit Sensor Shield

Like any other TinkerKit module, a small green LED will indicate that board is properly powered and a yellow LED will indicate main LED brighness.

Part List

  • 1x Tinkerkit module

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TinkerKit 10 mm Green LED Module

  • TinkerKit
  • TinkerKit 10mm Green LED Module and other TinkerKit LEDs in Diigiit Robotics store.
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